Zoo & Marine Park

Exploring the beauty of various zoos, natural habitats and various marine life will be a great memory and sensation for your vacation in Bali.
The island of Bali has tropical  forests with a diversity of animals and is also surrounded by the ocean with its beautiful marine life.
We offer some places that offer exoticism and beauty that you and your family or loved ones can see and enjoy.

Monkey Forest

Bali Bird Park

Tirta Gangga

Elephant Safari

Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Zoo

Bat Cave Temple - a sacred and beautiful area. The cave is a nesting ground for thousands of bats that call non-stop, morning, noon and night. At dusk, thousands of bats take flight.
Turtle Park - Serangan Island, is a small island where conservation efforts are made to save sea turtles from extinction.
Watching Dolphin in Lovina Beach
Horse RidingRiding camel along the beautiful sands of southern beach of Bali.
Snorkeling, diving, sea walkers and glass bottom boats to enjoy the diversity of underwater flora and fauna, especially coral reefs, colorful fish, shellfish, seaweed, jellyfish, shrimp, starfish and even turtles and many other marine life.**
Tasta Zoo, many collections of rare animals that we usually see on television.
*) Special tours package available :