Enjoy The Beauty Of The Underwater, Colorful Marine Life

The beauty of underwater tourism and the charm of nature with various types of living things in it is also something that can give your trip to an area more fun.

There are various uniqueness when we are at the bottom of the water because we are friendly with coral reefs and colorful marine life.

In various tourist events that exist at the same time we can take advantage of it as by:

  • Sea Walker, Underwater charm, enjoy the cute crowds, see the coral reef life, or be able to see other marine life habitats.
  • Snorkeling in Bali, is very popular especially on tropical beaches can also be done in freshwater such as lakes and of course also in the ocean.
  • Diving, enjoy exotic underwater panoramas of coral reefs and tropical marine life. An activity in the sea to see the beautiful panorama in the deep sea and diverse fish.
  • Glass Bottom Boat, Travel on a boat that has clear glass at the bottom of the boat, so tourists can see the shallow seabed and hundreds of colorful fish, as well as see the beauty of sea corals.