Visit Museum

Visiting the museum is now one of the choices for the community to fill their holidays and add insight, especially the museum has a high historical value as a place to store history.

Many people believe that history is an event of the era of civilization in the past, a pleasant thing to be able to learn again,

It's like we travel to past civilizations and see a variety of mementos from them.

And in understanding the inspiration of an artwork for Balinese people and maybe yourself, actually visiting a museum that has a collection of art & cultural history will help us understand past developments and developments for the future.

Art Painting Museums

Age of Civilization

Artist Painter in Bali

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, known as a painter and sculptor from Bali who has received many awards
Walter Spies | a German art painter who lived in Bali. R&W publish a XL format book that consist most of the artist's work during his lifetime
Adrien Jean Le Mayeur History | A collection of 68 works Description: "Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur De Merpes was born into an aristocratic Belgian family in 1880.
Antonio Blanco History
Charlie Chaplin | The past times, the funny Charlie Chaplin was liked by the Jave & Balinese people because he was a friendly person.
And more...

Visiting museums with Balinese nuances will have a different sensation. And don't forget to bring a camera. So many things that you can capture with photos in this tourist spot.

And enjoy, hopefully it can provide a motivation.