Watersport & Sea Activities

Talking about the Island of the Gods, Bali is certainly not separated from its beautiful beach tourist destinations. 
Panoramic sunrises and sunsets combined with white sand and frothy waves are not only the attractions of Bali's beach destinations, but also watersports. 

 It is no exaggeration to call Bali a watersport paradise.  The reason is, in Bali there are several watersport hits that you must try. 

If you want to play watersports in Bali, the right beach for you to visit is Tanjung Benoa Beach and several other areas. 

No doubt, a visit to this beach will make you feel like you're truly in watersports heaven!



Sea Walker

Banana Boat



Waterski, You will experience a big adventure freely escaping from the sea water and being pulled by a speed boat.
Jetski, one of the sea activity of driving by boat.
Scuba Diving, you can enjoy this sports including in many area.
Rolling Donut, will pull using a high speed speed boat.
Flying Fish, by a speedboat using a rope
Glass Bottom, can see the shallow seabed and hundreds of colorful fish.
Flyboard Bali, will be drawn by a speedboat driven by a professional guide.
Fishing, try to relax with family or friends while spending vacation time in Bali
Watching Dolphins at Lovina Beach.
Aquatec's & etc.

I hope you enjoy your vacation in Bali with its various beautiful ocean panoramas;

Watersport & Sea Activities in Bali