Banana Boat

Banana Boat is an inflatable boat shaped like a banana with a pointed tip like a pencil or rocket.
On the edge of the rubber boat there is a place for the elongated legs.

This banana rubber boat is one of  marine activities and is made of thick rubber material that is strong but lightweight.

So, the Banana Boat game is a game that slides into the ocean on this rubber boat, containing four passengers and one instructor in the Banana Boat, and is pulled by a speed boat driven by two instructors.

The inflatable boat is easy to pull in any direction in the sea, making it fun to speed around with a slight tilt or upright.

As a water activity spot, Banana boat is a marine tourism sport where you will be pulled by a speed boat around the beach at a certain speed.

Very exciting isn't it?

And for information, as for a fun place to do this activity is in the Tanjung Benoa area, a marine tourism area in Bali. [ED/AY]