Flyboard Bali

Flyboard Bali is a type of water sport that uses a board like a wakeboard with a pair of shoes mounted separately from the board as its main equipment.

In addition, the sensation of flying is also the allure of this game.

You will be made to fly with the board attached due to being pushed by high water pressure so that it will feel like Iron Man.

The Flyboard game concept will be pulled by a speedboat driven by a professional guide.

This generates a huge water pressure of 200 pk and creates a special wakeboard that you use to float at various heights ranging from 5-10 meters.

Enjoy the facilities of Flyboard Bali in  Tanjung Benoa.

You don't have to worry about safety issues because all equipment used such as wakeboards, gloves and life jackets are of international standard for your safety and comfort.

In addition, you will also be accompanied by experienced and trained guides.

They will provide guidance and procedures for using the flyboard device from start to finish. You will be given a total of 20 minutes in this game. The first 5 minutes will be used in the water to adjust the use of the device and 15 minutes to fly if you are able to control the use of the device properly.

And enjoy these happy days on the island of Bali. [ED/AY]