Turtle Park, Serangan Island

Want a different tourist atmosphere while adding knowledge and insight?
Serangan Island in Bali can be the destination, this island has an area of ​​around 300 hectares located in the south of Denpasar, Bali Province.

A tourist attraction offered by Serangan Island is the Turtle Conservation Center.

The purpose of Turtle Conservation here is to make efforts to preserve or save turtles from extinction. Efforts are made to take turtle eggs from their nests and then move them to captivity to avoid predators and even being stolen by irresponsible humans.

In addition to Serangan Island as a turtle conservation center, you can also enjoy marine sports tours, swimming with dolphins, horse riding attractions and watching the calm white sand beaches.

When visiting Serangan Island, you can not only see turtles but also visit Sakenan Temple as a historical tourist attraction. But there is other interesting objects on the island, namely a beach. This beach is often used as a surfing and diving attraction by tourists.

Not just offering historical tours. At night there will usually be community activities fishing on the mangrove forest & beach next to Sakenan Temple. [ED/AY]