Bali Safari Marine Park

This tour is like an adventure in the middle of a forest which are many rare animals.

Bali Safari Park, a national tourist attraction built on 40 hectares of land. It is located in the Gianyar area,  

You can enter the animal area with your own car, and also here provided trucks for us to go around the area of ​​animals from various continents.

The route in Safari Journey is the same as reality in the wild nature, sometimes our vehicles go into the river. It's amazing, right?

Bali Safari Marine Park is also equipped with a variety of exciting game arenas ranging from roller coasters, twisters, and many more.

Play facilities are also available in the Fun Zone area, which is a playground for children up to 10 years old. The playgrounds like Mary Go Round, Crumbing Car, and Go Go Bouncer.

Many games can be done, and this is an amazing adventure for you.