Monkey Forest

Monkey forest is a beautiful protected forest where there are many herds of monkeys in it.

The monkey forest is like a village, the monkeys living there for generations seem to live in harmony. There are several monkey forest areas in Bali including Alas KedatonSangeh dan Ubud.

In Bali, monkeys are considered sacred because they are associated with mythology in Hinduism, and as an important character in the Ramayana story, Hanuman. That's why there are Hindu temple in every monkey forest.

Every visit to the monkey forest, the tour guide will give tips on how to enter the area, especially when dealing with monkeys as monkeys can be aggressive when they see movements that they perceive as threatening movements.

In the forest you also have the opportunity to feed the monkeys directly. You can buy food for them before entering the forest, such as nuts, bananas and corn.

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