Bali Natural Hot Water Springs

Natural scenery of the mountains and the natural hot springs with their efficacious sulfur and sulphur content are also major attractions.

The island of Bali has mountains stretching from east to west with a friendly natural panorama.

These places are always filled with recreational visitors eager to benefit from the sulphurous hot springs.

And to complete your tour in Bali, a natural hot spring bath surrounded by beautiful panoramas can also provide your own physical and physical benefits,

And some of the answers can be given as follows:

  • Toya Bungkah, Batur Natural Hot Springs | The water from this bath comes from Mount Batur. The location of this hot spring is right on the edge of Lake Batur so visitors can relax and enjoy the hot water and beautiful panoramic views.
  • Penatahan | offers a scenic view of the park, as well as the beauty of the Ho River and the view of the terraced rice fields across the river.
  • Banjar Hot Water Spring. Buleleng, North Bali. | Banjar Hot Springs is estimated to be hundreds of years old, where since the Japanese occupation the hot springs have been repaired and utilized. The Japanese government at that time built three water reservoirs for bathing,
  • Angseri Batu Karu Hot Springs | Imagine the pleasure of soaking in the cool mountain air, with a beautiful view in front of your eyes.
  • Air Sanih Singaraja Natural Hot Springs | You can soak in the clear hot water while enjoying the ocean view. visited after watching dolphins at Lovina Beach.