Rice Fields

The beauty of nature and agricultural activities carried out by farmers or traditional rural communities will be able to become the charm of your tour.

Agricultural attractions such as: plowing rice fields with livestock, planting rice,  harvesting, trekking, cycling and also enjoying the scenery of rice fields with  ATV or walking can be a tourist event as well as when you visit Bali.

And also you can enjoy the harvest of the farmers who are still natural in agro tourism while enjoying the expanse of rice fields and unique rice terraces

Exploring rice fields in Bali, we will be able to enjoy a clean and natural environment with rice plants and trees around the rice fields surrounded by beautiful hills.

The sound of a bird's with the warm sunshine interspersed with fresh mountain air with fragrant smell of Balinese incense is the uniqueness of Balinese nature.

Along the rice fields in Bali, we will be able to feel the clean natural air by enjoying the rice plants and lush trees around the rice fields surrounded by beautiful hills.

When entering the rice planting season, the natural scenery around the village will look more beautiful with the dominant shades of green. 

Green rice fields and exotic hilly scenery are natural scenery that can refresh the heart through beautiful scenery.

Especially in the morning when the rice starts to bloom and is yellow, that's when we can see the scenery like a neatly arranged mound of land with yellow rice color decorating a beautiful rice field.

The melodious strains of Gamelan Rindik with a beautiful rural atmosphere in Bali can be a tourist event at the same time when you visit Bali.

Other Information :
  • Mancingan's natural conditions are surrounded by rice fields and the Pakrisan river is usually used as a trekking tour package in the rice fields.
  • Belimbing Village offers the beauty of beautiful and cool countryside.
  • Iseh Village | a distance with its green valleys, rivers flowing with clear water amidst green rice fields.
  • Sidemen with beautiful scenery surrounded by a vast expanse of rice fields and green mountains against the backdrop of Mount Agung.
  • Bongkasa |  a quiet village, a traditional Balinese hamlet where most of the scenery remains untouched by time.
  • Penebel | an option if you want to exercise while enjoying nature.
  • Buana Amerta Sari Agrotourism | Susut Bangli.
  • Guliang Kangin Tourism Village | Tourists will be given a spectacle of the process of cultivating the land until it produces rice, even until it is ready to be eaten.
  • Pantunan Valley Tourism | You can see a beautiful expanse of rice fields in the Pantunan Valley of Bang Sidem Village.