When trekking tours were first introduced, we were all reminded to stay healthy.

Because as the Indonesian sports motto says, "Men sano incorpore sano" means: in a healthy body there must be a healthy soul too.

Having a healthy mind also means you want to be able to maintain your health.

The cozy place away from the hustle and bustle, free from various air pollution, natural and refreshing, is everyone's dream and will definitely make this trip more enjoyable.

In  Bali, these trekking activities are usually done in rice fields, green hills, mountains etc.

Some of the places in Bali that are convenient for trekking include :
  • Nungnung Waterfall surrounded by green and beautiful trees, with cool, pollution-free air, anyone would want to linger there.
  • Tampaksiring offers several nature tour packages that are usually favored by Caucasians, such as day cycling through  villages, jungle trekking, rice fields & melukat places.
  • Kintamani Area, With a very beautiful natural panorama, there are many types of tours that can be done here.
  • To enjoy the natural beauty of Sibetan Village, visitors can take part in trekking activities that will be guided by local tour guides.
  • Belimbing Village, Rice Paddy Trekking is one of the tourist attractions at this site. It explores pristine nature, rice fields and sees local farmers working in the rice fields.