Bongkasa Village

Bongkasa is a quiet village, a traditional Balinese hamlet where much of the landscape remains untouched by time. The people here are simple farmers and their daily lives are still influenced by Balinese Hindu culture in ceremonies and religious rituals.

Visiting this village, you will experience rice cultivation using traditional tools such as those made by 'Pande Besi' Iron Smith. Where the Balinese produce their agricultural tools and for their daily needs.

And around the Ayung River, precisely in Banjar Karang Dalem I, Bongkasa Village, Abiansemal, Badung, local residents say there is an Ancient Lesung Stone which is believed to be sacred.

The trip to this area is also a day of 'Cultural Learning' in adding to the experience in the very beautiful Bali, such as:

Seeing the Balinese skill in making the drink "Tuak" from coconut trees.

Seeing the process of making coconut oil and others.

While enjoying a drink of Fresh Young Coco and continued to eat in the beautiful rice fields. What an unforgettable travel experience.