Ayung River

The Ayung River is the largest river and is covered in beautiful tropical trees.

When you do tourist activities here, you will also hear the sound of birds.

This river is the longest river in Bali. The water is crystal clear. The current is not too strong and the rapids do not get smaller.

This is one of the features of this river while enjoying water tourism:

  • Ayung River Rafting whose flow is categorized at -2 level and suitable for those of you who are still beginners.
  • Seeing Bali Swing soar through the air as if flying freely like a bird.
  • Tubing River that you should also try with your friends or family while on vacation

Almost anyone can do this activity, the age limit to do this water activity is in the range of 5 years to 65 years.

This activity requires teamwork in reaching the end goal, so you can support each other.

For tourists who bring children, you can invite them to do exciting paddling activities, while building family warmth while enjoying the beauty of the 10-kilometer panorama from the starting point to arrive at the destination.

The 10-kilometer rafting trip takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how fast you paddle. Although it takes a long time, you will not feel tired while enjoying the natural atmosphere that is still well preserved. You can feel the splash of the clear and cold waterfall.

Your eyes will also be spoiled with a stretch of rice fields on the left and right side of the road.

In addition, you can also see statues that tell the greatness of Ramayana. This folklore relief in the form of a 1 kilometer long relief is one of the uniqueness of Ayung River Rafting.


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