Swing in Bali

By enjoying this swinging game, you will feel an extraordinary sensation, floating in the air as if flying freely like a bird that flies and makes your adrenaline beat very fast.

For those who love challenges and nature, the activities offered by Bali Swing are certainly something special. 

But for those with a phobia of heights and heart problems, this game is certainly not recommended.

When you're sliding up and down it's like riding a roller coaster, but after that,

if you can control the game well, you will be able to enjoy the extraordinary scenery and can relax looking at the beautiful and charming nature around.

The view of the Ayung River or Wanagiri valley with tropical trees and coconut trees, as well as stunning cliffs will look very beautiful when you swing at a height, moments like this you will definitely not forget, especially by taking pictures in the form of selfies or videos that will not be forgotten during a vacation in Bali.

And other information :
In addition to taking pictures, this place can be used to see the view of Tegallalang's typical terraced rice fields, as well as the river flow below.

  • Visit Lembongan, There is a swing that reads “Mahagiri Nusa Lembongan” which is interesting for taking pictures.
  • Wanagiri Swing Hill also has many unique spots that can be used when we are on vacation there.