Wanagiri Village

Wanagiri Village is a stunning place for your various recreational activities including capturing the moment and swinging over the lake.

It's like a beautiful natural painting depicting the beauty of mountains, beautiful green trees, and a stretch of lake can be seen clearly from this place.

Besides having a natural panorama with cool and fresh air, Wanagiri Swing Hill also has added value when you visit this place. 

If you're visiting a destination as a place to relax, it can be very enjoyable

One of the Instagramable hills in Bali is located in Wanagiri Village Buleleng tours area

Apart from relaxing and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery there, Wanagiri Swing Hill also has many unique spots that can be utilized when we are on vacation there.

And you can also have more exciting content to upload to Instagram. Starting from swings, birdhouses, viewpoints shaped like boats, and many more.

All of these natural panoramas overlook  Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan surrounded by shady forests

And hopefully this tour will be a very valuable moment for your tour in Bali. [ED/AY]