Natural Rivers In Bali

In many tourism activities, the fresh water of Bali's rivers comes from the mountain with tropical forests growing around them.

It flows naturally along mossy rocks and falls into waterfalls, making it all the more refreshing.

In accordance with the Balinese philosophy of "Danu Kerti", the rivers must be preserved in order to benefit life in this world.

  •  Ayung River, in addition to enjoying water tourism, is also overgrown with tropical trees that are very charming. When you do tourist activities here, you will also hear the sound of birds.
  • Pakerisan River | The atmosphere around the river is quite beautiful and still natural because the Pakerisan River is a sacred river so its sustainability is so maintained.
  • Telaga Waja The water is clear and there are many curves with large rocks along the river. This rafting activity will test your courage to conquer this natural challenge.
  • Melangit / Bakas River | the natural scenery of the river is still beautiful and natural, the clear flowing water provides freshness for every tourist who does water sports activities here.
  • Sukawati's Hidden Canyon, the river flow ends at Ketewel beach. These exotic and captivating photos make many people curious to know where the location is.
  • Sacred Campuhan River,restoration of the soul (purifying the soul)

The rhythm of the music is very melodious. 
Traditional music shows the characteristics of the Balinese area...
And the music is very pleasant to hear in accompanying your tour.