Telaga Waja

Telaga Waja is a river located in Rendang Village, Karangasem, Bali.

This river is very good for rafting activities.  This rafting activity will test your courage to conquer this natural challenge.

The views along the side of the river are amazing with fresh air. The water is clear and there are large rocks along the river. Those who want to try the rafting challenge at Telaga Waja will face level II and level III, also next to level IV. In the middle of the rafting, you will see an amazing waterfall.

The starting point for rafting is Rendang Village, while the endpoint is in Muncan Village. At the endpoint you can take a shower to clean your body. Then you can enjoy breakfast while watching the amazing views of Bali from the restaurant.

You can see the beauty of views under the flow of stunning waterfalls. In the distance, you can see children playing on the river and the farmers working in the fields.

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