Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Spring Water is natural hot water which is considered to cure disease.

It is Located in Banjar Village, Buleleng Regency. It is  about 24 kilometers west of Singaraja City.

The Banjar Natural Hot Water Springs are estimated to be hundreds of years old. Since the Japanese occupation, the hot springs have been repaired and utilized. The Japanese government at that time built three water reservoirs for bathing,

because the water produced contained sulfur which could cure skin diseases. 

Until now the bath is still used by the general public and tourists. Beside being a place for bathing and swimming, tourists can also enjoy the fall of the shower in its body as a massage.

Entering this location, along the road to the bath, there are several typical Balinese souvenir sellers lined up while offering merchandise.

After arriving at the entrance to the bath, there is an officer who will check the entrance ticket that was previously given by the ticket officer in front of the parking area. So before entering the gate at the bath, don't let the ticket disappear. If it is lost, you will be asked to buy another ticket at the second entrance.

Once inside, there are already many local and non-local tourists who are absorbed in their activities inside. There are people who swim, small children who play and jumping into the pool. There are also tourist sitting relaxed at the edge of the pool, tourist bath right under the shower and some are enjoying the atmosphere of the pool from a restaurant that there is next to the pool.

This Banjar Hot Spring consists of three pools with one pool rather separate from the others.

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Hot springs in Banjar (North Bali)