Toya Bungkah

Toya Bungkah, Natural Hot Spring which is usually called Batur Natural Hot Springs.

Located in Lake Batur with beautiful charm.  This  natural hot spring is located in the Toyabungkah area, Batur Village, Bangli Regency. This tourist attraction is about 80 kilometers from the Denpasar City.

The water source of Toya Bungkah from Mount Batur. The location of this hot spring is right on the shores of Lake Batur. So  visitors can relax and enjoy the hot water and the beautiful views of the Mount and Lake Batur..

In the holiday season, this hot spring is always crowded with tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. In this place, tourists can take a bath in a natural hot tub, which is sourced from Mount Batur.

In this place tourists can feel the sensation of bathing in a shower of hot water with a temperature of 38-39 degrees celsius. Besides to refreshing the body and mind, bathing hot water in this place is also believed to be efficacious for the treatment of diseases, especially skin diseases.

And if you want to go Toya Bungkah Natural Hot Spring, it's the right time to choose your tour program when you vacation in Bali. [ED/DN]