Natural Water Springs

Experience something even more special when you travel to Bali. The Balinese warmly invite travelers to get to know their sacred spaces and encourage travelers to participate in their spirituality and blessings.

A drop of such refreshing natural water will flush your body.

With the surrounding scenery surrounded by beauty, it feels like we are in the movie Jurassic Park.

Bathing in the wild may have been a longtime dream of yours

When water flows along a river with mossy rocks natural filtration can provide different benefits and sensations.

And it's time for you to enjoy it, and hopefully this bathing tour is very refreshing.

  • Natural Hot Water Springs | Some of the natural scenery of the mountains and hot springs with their efficacious sulfur and sulfur content are also major attractions.
  • Sudamala Bangli's a holy water shower amidst naturally grown trees away from the crowds and located in a village
  • Holly Spring Water / Tirta Empul Temple | The holy water is one of the streams of the Pakerisan river. The atmosphere around the river is quite beautiful and unspoiled and is a sacred river so its preservation is so maintained.
  • Bali Waterfall. It's unique & very memorable to savor every moment. It flows naturally along the mossy rocks and falls over the waterfall, making it all the more refreshing.

When nature is well preserved, it also provides many benefits.

So, we hope this trip will be one of your fondest memories.


While listening to music so that the body becomes fresh