Ubud Royal Palace

Visit the Ubud Palace,

The Ubud area is famous for its art and culture. 

The Puri Ubud tourist area or in Balinese called "Puri Saren Agung" is one of the tourist attractions which is now one of the attractions that tourists target when they vacation on the Island of the Gods. 

No need to be surprised, of course, if you see the beauty and also the sensation that you get when visiting this tourist area. 

Puri Saren Agung tourist area, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, indeed presents the charm and exoticism of art and culture in Bali, especially in Gianyar. Puri Saren Agung or Puri Ubud is one of the tourist charms besides the Ubud Art Market and also Saraswati Temple which introduces Balinese art and culture. 

The Puri Saren Agung tourist area is of course very fitting and also suitable for filling the vacation agenda for tourists when approaching a long holiday. 

In this place, tourists can see the beauty of Puri Saren Agung or Puri Ubud. Especially here, tourists can watch the Royal Balinese Dance and also try dinner at Puri Raja, which provides a special experience.

In addition to enjoying the cultural area and also seeing the historical side of Puri Ubud, there are many interesting activities that can be done at Puri Saren Agung.

We can also try climbing the swing on the plateau with a beautiful view of the Ayung River.

At Ubud Water Place, tourists will be spoiled by the natural beauty here. The panoramic beauty of the Ayung River which is located not far from traditional Balinese villages and also Puri Saren Agung is one of the attractions that can be found here.

Not infrequently the tourists feel at home lingering around Puri Saren Agung.

In addition to playing swings, tourists can also see how the jewelry making process around Puri Saren Agung.

Besides enjoying the beauty of Puri Ubud, tourists can also see how the jewelry making process is not far from this place.

In this workshop we will also be invited to see how and also the process of making jewelry from the craftsmen here.

Of course, we can participate in making our own version of jewelry. This is one of the attractions provided by Puri Ubud for tourists on vacation here.

An interesting tour to get to know more about Balinese cultural arts and at the same time can also visit this Ubud castle in Bali.