Ubud & Gianyar Temples

Ubud Gianyar as one of the popular holiday destinations in Bali which is synonymous with art, culture and natural beauty of the countryside.

For culture, in the Ubud area you will find many attractions of Hindu temples and the beauty of royal palaces.

Natural beauty is also an advantage of Ubud tourism, you can see green hills, terraced rice fields, and unspoiled rivers.

Here are some Hindu temples that are often visited by tourists :

Tirta Empul Holy Water

Batuan Temple

Gunung Kawi

Goa Gajah

Sebatu Temple

Mengening Temple

Penataran Sasih temple | the presence of a prehistoric Dong Son Drum in 300 BC. At each corner there are many temples of sacred places.
Pengukur-Ukur Temple | a very peaceful atmosphere, especially this temple is located far from the highway. Lush trees and the sound of water ripples in the Pakerisan River provide peace for tourists who come to this temple.
More beauty of place in Ubud, Saraswati Temple etc.

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