There is no specific tourist attraction in  Tejakula Buleleng

But foreign tourists who come to Tejakula will usually ask where is the place or former horse bath in the Dutch colonial era.

Villas and inns on the coast of Tejakula are now increasing

The menu at Tejakula adapts to the geographical location of the village of Tejakula village which is located near the sea, the main menu is Seafood.

  • Bondalem, underwater gallery. a various collections of spots in the underwater cultural park gallery. Managing the protection of marine areas. 
  • Penuktukan Beach | enjoy the view of coral reefs and exotic ornamental fish, just five meters from the shoreline.
  • Les Tejakula Waterfall | which reaches a height of about 30 meters, is surrounded by natural scenery with a hilly background.
  • Julah, a sacred village populated by Bali Mula, where until now all residents in carrying out religious rituals use very simple ritual facilities.
  • Traveling to the old village of Sembiran, you will be invited to get to know the life of the original people of Buleleng. and historical evidence in the form of large stones, estimated to be 2000 BC.