Julah, The Sacred Village

Julah Village is a village that has a Balinese Mula population, where until now all its residents in carrying out religious rituals use very simple ritual facilities.

The simplicity used is not because in Julah Village it is difficult to find ritual facilities such as those used by Balinese Hindus in general, 

but because the people in this village do not dare to change and are very obedient to inherit the traditions of their ancestors that have been a tradition for generations, the people in this village do not dare to change. 

Julah Village is an old village in Bali located in Tejakula Buleleng Regency.

From the layout of the village, it resembles other ancient villages in Bali such as Tenganan Village in Karangasem Regency.

The village is known as a sacred village and still has traditional houses and temples that are believed to be the oldest temples in Bali, and also has handicrafts with distinctive characteristics.