Klungkung is a very pleasant tourist destination that is recognized for its natural beauty and unique culture. The beauty of the beaches in Klungkung is also the most beautiful beach in Indonesia and even in the world as follows:

Usually the tourists who visit want to see the beauty of the beach attractions and want to capture the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

No wonder beach attractions are very crowded with local and foreign tourists, especially the beaches in Klungkung city.

Aside from the beaches in Klungkung city, which is famous for its rivers and waterfalls, how can you not love this country that is rich in natural beauty. 

We must be grateful for the beauty of Klungkung city's natural attractions between clear water and fresh, unpolluted air that can relieve fatigue after busy daily activities. 

This is the tourism city of Klungkung that we must maintain and preserve its beauty. 

Klungkung Bali Tour Area :


Kusamba Beach

Goa Lawah

Nusa Penida

Nusa Lembongan

Kamasan Art Village

Melangit River Rafting.
Love Tree Secret Beach
Ceningan Island, very pleasant when you visit there
Yellow Bridge in Small Island