Jatiluwih, a beautiful place where we can breathe fresh air with stunning rice terraces.

Do you want to enjoy a quiet, beautiful and natural rural atmosphere on the island of Bali?

Then you can get it by visiting the terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih Bali. This western part is indeed a tourist destination, for tourists who want to get rid of fatigue with a crowded urban atmosphere.

In addition to views of terraced rice fields, you can also enjoy views of rivers, Mount Batukaru, temples, or simple houses.

A truly natural and peaceful rural atmosphere, you can feel in the tourist attraction Jatiluwih Bali. You can use a bicycle, or walk to get around in the rice fields of Jatiluwih Penebel Tabanan village.

Almost every day Jatiluwih Penebel Tabanan village is visited by domestic and foreign tourists. 

With a rural atmosphere that is still characterized by terraced rice fields,
which is very attractive to tourists.

After enjoying the panoramic view of the rice fields, don't forget to stop by one of the restaurants for lunch.

Visitors can enjoy unlimited food, because this restaurant provides buffet food.

And close to the Jatiluwih tourist attraction, also around the Batukaru Temple area, there are still sustainable green forests and holy water showers that are very cool.

Enjoy your vacation in Bali.

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The beauty of nature and the melodiousness of traditional Balinese music - Calming the Heart and Mind