Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach among the surrounding community is more familiar with the name Bali Cliff beach.

Because in this area there used to be a hotel called the Bali Cliff Hotel.

There are also those who call the Green Bowl beach as the Ungasan hidden beach, because of its location in the village of Ungasan and its existence is still hidden or not as well-known as other white sand beaches in Bali.

It is a bit difficult to reach Green Bowl Bali beach, you have to prepare enough stamina to be able to go down hundreds of steps to reach the beach.

The fatigue after walking will be paid off when you reach the beach area which is still very natural and clean with white sand.

Green Bowl Beach Bali, one of the best white sand beaches in the southern part of Bali with a hidden beach location.

The main attraction of Bali's Green Bowl beach is the turquoise color of the sea water.

If you have ever vacationed on the Pandawa beach in Bali, this is the Bali Cliff Ungasan beach. Both the texture of the beach sand and the panorama. The similarity between the Pandawa Kutuh beach and the Bali Cliff Ungasan beach is because the Bali Cliff Ungasan beach is located to the west of the Bali Pandawa beach. It's just that Green Bowl beach, has a beach not along the Pandawa coast.

Then, on the west side of Green Bowl Beach there is a white sand beach tourist spot that is currently popular. Its name is Melasti Beach Ungasan.