Crossing The Ocean

When you visiting to Bali, you might know Bali with one island, but actually this island also has small islands around it and is also fun as a vacation spot.

The story of little islands in Bali is often covered by stories about the island of Bali itself.

There are many charms that you can enjoy when visiting these small islands, but there are no flights to that place.

But don't worry, you can cross by fishing boat or small boat through the existing harbor to visit these beautiful islands.

And some of the pleasant islands are like as:

  • Yellow Bridge, The water is not too deep and clear anymore. You will watch the stones when looking underwater.
  • Menjangan Island. Besides Serangan Island, enjoy the beauty of the zoo and tourist activities in the ocean.
  • Pinkie Beach, a pleasant scenery and find incredible views from above. The journey to more steep tourist attractions.
  • Turtle Park Serangan Island. Besides Serangan Island, enjoy watersport marine tourism, and beautiful trip.
  • Trip to Gili Islands Lombok