Pinkie Beach

Pinkie Beach or local people usually refer to it, Pantai Kelingking which is located on Nusa Penida Island.

One of Bali's beautiful hills, Pinkie Beach is the closest tourist spot to the harbor in Nusa Penida.

For 30 minutes you will find pleasant landscapes, typical Balinese houses and uninhabited jungle.

And when you get to the parking area, you will find an incredible view from above

The hill shaped like a pinky and adorned with the blue of the sea and the green of the beach makes us amazed for a few minutes.

Not only that, we can also go straight down and play on the beach. However, the road is very steep and not so good. So it is recommended to be more careful when going down the bikit.

So for friends who want to visit, please take care of your stamina and think about whether you can climb this very steep hill.

In fact, a good view can only be obtained from above.

At the bottom, we are only given a beautiful beach like other beaches in Bali.

However, the sand at Kelingking Beach / Kelingking Beach, he said, is the finest sand in Bali.

So for those who are curious about the sand, you can go down to the bottom.

Another good photo spot is a tree not far from the entrance to Kelingking or Pinkie Beach.

This bare tree is usually used as a photo spot that is lifted by visitors with the sea in the background.

Take a picture here, guys.

At Kelingking Beach, there is no tourist levy, but many local residents are already selling.

There are young coconut ice and instant noodles to recharge your energy to continue the journey to more rugged tourist attractions. Okay, go


Stairway To Heaven?! Hiking Down Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia