Sunrise Hike of Mount Batur

Of course you must be wondering, what is the main attraction if you take part in the Mount Batur Mount Batur sunrise trekking activity.

Mount Kintamani Bali is a name often used by tourists to refer to Mount Batur. This mountain has a beautiful view of the sunriseso red and mixed with light blue.


So beautiful is the view of the sunrise from Mount Batur Kintamani, if the weather is friendly. Almost every day many climbers take the time to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise view of Mount Batur. 

Not only enjoying the sunrise, you can also see the caldera with small bursts of larvae. 

In addition, you can enjoy breakfast with a sunrise view. After the climb is complete, you can enjoy bathing in a natural hot spring and have lunch at Lake Batur.

If you want to climb Mount Batur Kintamani, then we recommend hiking with an experienced guide who knows the climbing terrain.