Plaga Bridge

Plaga Bridge (or Tukad Bakung).

As far as the eye can see, both the left and right sides of the bridge are magnificent.

The lush green trees and mountains really make the soul calm and peaceful.

Plaga Bridge is located in Plaga Village, Petang District, Badung Regency, Bali Province.

So, it's not surprising that on holidays, along the bridge area becomes a tourist attraction that is crowded with tourists.

And along the bridge, there are also many stalls that sell various items ranging from food, drinks, souvenirs and others.

This Plaga Bridge, aside from being used to connect districts at once (Sangeh Monkey Forest Badung, Gianyar & Bangli),

And this bridge with a beautiful panorama is also used as an alternative tourist location for people and tourists who accidentally or accidentally pass it.