Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is a beach located west of Canggu Beach.

This beach is also one of the beach areas in the  Badung area of ​​Bali whose conditions are still quite natural.

The existence of this beach has not been widely heard because it has not been maximally developed into a tourist attraction like other beaches nearby, namely Tanah Lot Beach and Temple.

Besides having a beautiful beach, there are many inns and villas that are very affordable.

The beach sand is brownish in color which is different from the beach sand at Kuta Beach. When exposed to the waves the color of the beach sand will turn dark or black. About 50 meters from the shoreline a wave barrier is built to prevent beach abrasion. 

The position of the beach is towards the south and a little husky towards the west so it is still possible to enjoy the sunset.

Most visitors to Pererenan Beach are tourists staying at resorts and hotels around the beach.  

Most of them are foreign tourists and a small percentage are local tourists. Activities in the morning and evening are mostly used as a place for sunbathing and  sufing. While in the morning & afternoon this beach is visited as a place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.