Paragliding is a challenging, but also fun sport that involves jumping from a high base point and then soaring freely over the hills.

This type of sport will provide an unforgettable experience, as you can enjoy the expanse of scenery below.

And, you can even fly for hours with this paraglider, and increase your altitude with the help of hot air to get back up again.

Generally mountainous and hilly areas with large fields are a good place to start this sport, as the contours of the surface can generate air that helps the parachute to rise upwards and make you fly.

Experiences await you, conquer your fear of heights and enjoy an afternoon of flying through paragliding activities in Bali.

Fly over the stunning Indian Ocean and see hidden temples, limestone cliffs and Bali's beautiful skyline from above.

No need to worry about safety because you will get basic paragliding lessons and safety procedures before flying.

And experience flying tandem paragliding with a professional team.

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