Paluang Cliff Nusa Penida

Paluang Cliff is a stunning cliff attraction with a fantastic panoramic view of the heights in Nusa Penida, located in a unique temple area.

Where the location is about 5 minutes from Kelingking Beach.

Both Paluang Cliff and Kelingking Beach show the same view. But from a different point of view.

After visiting Kelingking Beach, you should immediately check out this unique cliff.

The most common reason to visit Tebing Paluang is photography to produce instagramable photos that often appear on social media.

After all, every place offers different beauty. This is why all travelers should really explore the location to get better photos.

In addition, trekkers also utilize the location to fulfill their hobbies. Don't worry. Beginners can also enjoy this activity, provided with an experienced local guide.

And when you walk to the edge of Paluang Cliff, you'll be treated to stunning views of the cliffside stretching out to the ocean.