Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Bali. The charm of this beach is never separated from its position behind the hill. It makes tourists enjoy the beauty of natural scenery,

From its name, Dreamland Beach has hinted at hope about the charm of this beach. The name 'Dreamland' is not hyperbole because this beach has an exotic panorama and can create tourists in awe.

You can see the white sand that is interspersed with waves. The main attraction for surfers to surf every time.

The area of ​​Dreamland Beach is also closely related to the religious tourism, Uluwatu Temple. A temple that is said to have been built during the 11th century.

Not far from the coast, there are big waves rolling in a race towards the beach and interspersed with surfer's maneuvers splitting the waves with fun. It's a very charming sight and rarely found in other tourist attractions.

To be able to reach Dreamland Beach, you have to pass the stairs from the cliff. This makes sense, considering that this one beach is indeed surrounded by cliffs.

Unlike  Pandawa Beach, Sanur Beach, or Kuta Beach, which is always full of visitors every day, Dreamland Beach in Bali tends to be quieter.

This is actually beneficial because tourists can more freely enjoy the natural charm that exists. 

If you want to unwind, you can rent a dingklik with an umbrella on the beach. The price will be comparable to the pleasure offered to you, besides that you can also enjoy the fresh young coconut ice while watching the attractions of the surfers who are demonstrating their skill on the waves.

Skimboard Dreamland. Austin Keen Video