Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Cristal Bay is surrounded by cliffs so the beach is slightly inland.

It is located in Nusa Penida Bali with a captivating view of the ocean.

The attraction of Crystal Bay is the variety of coral reefs and fish that live on this beach. No doubt many tourists do snorkeling in this place.

Enjoying the underwater beauty of Crystal Bay with its clear water, you will see various types of coral reefs, some like grass, some like fans, some like trumpets.

All have different shapes and colors.

The fishes are also diverse and colorful.

There are also foreign tourists who do free diving in this place.

If possible this place is not too deep and not too shallow, maybe about 3-4 meters to the bottom of the sea.

The point is, if you have arrived at Cristal Bay, you should also be able to enjoy snorkeling by seeing the beauty under this clear water before continuing to Angel's Billabong, a challenging place.

And Crystal Bay is one of the places you must visit while in Nusa Penida.

In this beautiful place, you will enjoy white sand combined with green-colored sea water, very beautiful! 

In the sea, you will see wooden boats floating while walking on the waves.

Here you will also see a group of people spending their time playing soccer on white sand, sunbathing, or just sitting staring at the waves and enjoying the afternoon breeze while waiting for the sunset.

And you should definitely include Nusa Penida in your travel list if you want to visit Bali.


Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida Bali by Drone