Atuh /Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

The beauty of Atuh Beach / Diamond Beach is like a hidden paradise in Nusa Penida, Bali.

The terrain is still very natural between cliffs and ravines so this beach is worth saying as a charismatic beach for you to visit.

Nusa Penida is also a district of four districts in  Klungkung Regency, Bali Island, Indonesia. In the Nusa Penida area there are several very interesting tourist attractions, beautiful as heaven for you to enjoy.

Atuh Beach is located in a beautiful bay with white sand and clean beaches. At Atuh Beach you can do activities such as sunbathing, diving or fishing. On the left side of Atuh Beach is Tanjung Juntil while on the right is Labuan Ampuak.

While in the east there are Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Padasan, Gili Batu Abah and Gili Batu Metegen. Gili Batu Padasan is a favorite place for anglers because this gili is a place that is passed by alternating currents from north to south and vice versa which are always followed by flocks of large and small fish, especially after and before the full moon arrives.

While to the south of Labuan Ampuak there is a swallow's nest cave. You can see this very rare and expensive commodity while on vacation at Atuh Beach.

One of the most beautiful places in Nusa Penida, Atuh Beach has hilly geological conditions with a unique shape in the middle of the beach. It is shaped like a shoe which is about 200 meters from the beach. Bukit Karang will be a very interesting sight for you to enjoy while vacationing at Atuh Beach, a hidden paradise in Nusa Penida.

At Atuh Beach, you can also witness the Piodalan Traditional Ceremony which is held for a full day with various dances such as the Baris Jangkang Pelilit Dance, a very sacred mass dance. While somewhat inside Atuh Beach there are two holy wells with very clear and pure water. [ED/AY]