Pulaki Temples Area

Visiting the temples in the Pulaki area will have its own sensation.

One of the Balinese temples in the Pulaki tourist area is located on the western edge of  Buleleng. On top of a rocky high hill by the sea.

On a spiritual journey visiting the area, you will find existing temples with various sacred stories so these places are visited a lot because they have a different sensation.

  • Melanting Pulaki Temple, where Dyah Ayu Melanting is the ruler who gives blessings to the merchants.
  • Kerta Kawat Temple, visited by many people to ask to keep their position or get an important position in the government.
  • Pabean Temple, holds a story, nostalgia for a stopover or as a port for sailors from ethnicities outside Bali several centuries ago. In its visual manifestation, this temple also incorporates elements of Balinese Hinduism, Chinese (Shiva, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism) and Islamic religiosity. The existence of various worship facilities that have the spirit of several beliefs or beliefs proves the existence of cultural marriage in the form of Adat Temple architecture.
  • The tombs of Jayaprana & Layonsari, visited by young couples & husband and wife to be given eternal faith.

And Menjangan Island is the closest tourist attraction in the area.