Bali Mystical and Ritual Tour

Spend the most mystical and unforgettable weekend here! We learn ancient Balinese mepantigang martial arts, taste the best parties in Bali.
Mepantigan is a Balinese martial art form that involves physical techniques similar to those found in martial arts traditions around the world extending the form by also utilizing Balinese drama, contemporary dance, and gamelan music, blending combat with performance art to create an entirely new cultural phenomenon.

Not only that, you can find two of Bali's most mysterious and ancient villages, Trunyan Village and Bayung Gede Village.

in Trunyan Village. The locals in this village live a very traditional life that is quite different from the rest of Bali. The Trunyan people do not cremate their dead. After a cleansing ritual, the corpse is placed inside a bamboo cage, locally known as ancak saji, which is placed under the Taru Menyan tree. Taru Menyan means a tree that smells good and emits an aroma that neutralizes the smell of the decomposing corpse. It is from this tree that the name Trunyan derives. Only the bodies of married people are placed in bamboo cages.

Continue your tour and visit another ancient village called Bayung Gede, which is believed to be the mother of all ancient villages in Bali. Many people come here to see the hanging newborn placentas that are unique to Bayung Gede. In Trunyan, the bodies of the dead are laid on the ground without being buried, but here it is the placenta that is not buried. This is the only village in Indonesia that does this.