Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran is one of Bangli tradidional villages, located in Bangli Regency.

Wherever, all houses in this village from North to South look beautiful especially the traditional Balinese entrances made similar to each other.

Surrounded by bamboo forests that provide cool and fresh rural air with the sound of friction bamboo trees that are unique when it touching each other when the wind blows.

Towards the Penglipuran Traditional Village, it takes about thirty minutes from the  Mount Batur tourism object.

As soon as the car enters the parking lot, the sound of  very beautiful Balinese gambelan is heard, the atmosphere is very peaceful. After paying the tickets, we would go inside and park the car near the park beside the road leading to the village.

Stepping in, it looks very neat int the left and right side in this village. Each house has the same shape of fence. Its about a hundred houses neatly lined up from bottom to top of the village, like steps. At the top of the village, a graceful temple is seen. We took a walk from one house to another, occasionally mothers greeted us and asked where we were from, they were very friendly. We also asking about their village.

After a long tour of the village, when we stepped to leave this village to another object, we saw children playing happily

We go back to the car and take the road that passes through lush bamboo forests.

This is a pleasant trip to Penglipuran village and you will enjoy it while you are on holiday in Bali.

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