Peguyangan Nusa Penida Waterfall

Peguyangan or Guyangan Waterfall is a spring that flows along a not-so-high terraced slope before finally heading to the sea.

Location : Nusa Penida Bali

On the terraced slope before heading out to sea, you can enjoy a 'natural spa', and feel the sensation of being massaged by the water flowing through rocky crevices and shallow ledges.

To reach the spring you have to climb down a fairly steep staircase on the cliff wall. After about 460 steps, you can then see the beautiful and refreshing view of the cascading water flow.

This waterfall is a little hard to find - even many locals don't know about it. To get to Peguyangan Waterfall, plan your trip with an experienced tour operator, or hire a private vehicle with a driver who knows the way to this hidden paradise.