Munduk Waterfall

The natural atmosphere around the Munduk Buleleng waterfall will provide its own comfort for visitors so that it is more comfortable to continue enjoying the fresh water in this tourist attraction.
And according to information obtained from all residents, this waterfall not only offers the attraction of an ordinary waterfalls but the water also contains sulfur that can help cure various types of skin diseases.

In fact, many tourists intentionally come here to do therapy to recover from their skin ailments.

And, the height of this waterfall is about 15 meters, causing the water to fall on our faces so that we feel unparalleled freshness.

In Munduk Village Buleleng, you will not find one waterfall location but three.
  • Golden Valley Waterfall.
  • Munduk Waterfall / Karang Merah Waterfall.
  • Laangan Waterfall is also known as Melanting Waterfall.
Because the three waterfall locations are close to each other and all in Munduk Village, tourists are more familiar with calling all the waterfall locations Munduk waterfalls.

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