Medewi Beach & Village

When you enter Medewi beach, you can see fishing boats along the coast that add to the charm of the beautiful Medewi beach in Pekutatan, Jembrana.
Tourist can sit  in the beachside and see people surfing. With a rapid development in Medewi Beach area, there are a lot of facilities such as lodging, cafe, restaurants, public toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, and parking lots.

Every year foreign tourists are always crowded. Generally, those who like to surf. During the holiday season and religious holidays in Bali, local tourists also enliven. 

In addition to supporting tourism facilities, on this beach, you will also see simple massage services.  This business is managed by a small family of locals. Occupy a simple hut with a thatched roof with a very simple bed but the condition of the hut is not taking effect of tourist intention to massage.
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