Legong Dance

The word Legong according to the The word Legong according to Babad Bali comes from the word "kaki" which means flexible or elastic and then means graceful (dance).

As one of the beautiful Balinese dances.

Subsequently the above words were combined with the word "gong" meaning gamelan, thus becoming "Legong" which implies movements that are strongly bound (especially accentuated) by the accompanying gamelan.

The term Legong Keraton is a further development.

Sometimes the dance is performed by two or more girls with Condong as the opening act, but other times it is performed by one or two pairs of dancers without Condong.

This dance is included in the schedule for performances in Bali, almost every day you can enjoy it in the Ubud area and other areas.

And enjoy the art and culture of Bali, hopefully it can encourage you.