Kasna Garden, Edelweiss's white flower

Kasna flower means noble and eternal white.

But behind its beauty is also stored a myth,

Where for those who give this flower to their partners, then their love will last.

And not a few lovers who make this eternal flower become one of the special gifts for their partners as well as the meaning of edelweiss flowers.

Kasna flowers have beautiful snow-white colors as quoted from the description of Hunting Photo, "like Winter in Bali at Kasna Flower Garden" as explained:

For the local community, it is said that this kasna flower is believed to be a gift from the god of love because it is said that people ask God for something beautiful and suddenly this white flower appears.

The local people planted this flower at the foot of Mount Agung  and now it is one of the tourist attractions. 

This place is one of beautiful gardens and hopefully with this tour, your family's happiness will last forever.