Karma Kandara Beach

Karma Kandara Beach is one of the beaches that includes a private beach resort in Bali.

This beach is located below the height of a cliff in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District.

To get to the beach, a special elevator has been provided like in a hotel.

Later, you will be taken down the cliffs and green hills. An exciting experience that you don't necessarily get on other beaches.

However, to enter this beach, you must buy a ticket that has been provided at the resort.

This fee is quite expensive, because this beach is a private beach.

With a rather expensive price, the charm of natural beauty and the serenity of the atmosphere it offers makes everyone who visits this beach will fall in love.

The atmosphere of Karma Kandara beach indeed look very quiet.

However, this beach is perfect for those of you who want to find inspiration or serenity from very busy activities.

The location of this beach is hidden behind a steep cliff, with a cliff height of approximately 150 meters from the beach.

From the top of the cliff, you can see the vast and beautiful expanse of the sea and the soothing waves of the heart.

So on this beach you can find true comfort, whether it's just to relax while sunbathing, chatting with family or other activities without any interference from anywhere.

Besides being able to enjoy beautiful beach views, you can also do  snorkeling or swimming.

Snorkeling at this beach is very suitable, because the beach is shallow and the water is very clear.

Making it easier for you to see the beauty of the underwater world with a variety of fish and beautiful coral reefs.

This beach does not provide beach equipment rental services, so if you want to snorkel, you must bring your own from home.

That's a little review about this beach, and hopefully your vacation in Bali will be more memorable.