Celuk Sukawati Art Village

Celuk Village is a place of craftsmen who have been inherited from generation to generation.

By visiting this village, you will be able to directly see the process of Balinese handicrafts made from gold and silver.

Celuk Village is located in Sukawati Subdistrict, with a very strategic village location. It is about 10 km northeast of Denpasar. Celuk Village is within a network of craftsmen villages, Batubulan village, Batuan village, and Mas Village.

Most residents of Celuk Village work as gold and silver craftsmen. 

The Celuk community began working a lot on silverwork in 1935, so the profession of silversmiths (memande) in Celuk Village grew and expanded by the time.

Their work also developed. At first, craftsmen made tools for ceremonial facilities for religious purposes. Now, it developed into jewelry (accessories) such as rings, earrings, necklaces (penden), bracelets, brooches, and so on.

The idea outlined in the form of crafts is inspired by Balinese decorative motifs such as plants and animals that involve visual elements such as points, lines, fields, space, colors, and textures.

This decorative motif is a legacy that has been used for generations. 

Celuk Village become a tourist village where you will be able to see directly the Balinese craftsmen gathered here. [ED/DN]