Broken Beach

Broken Beach is a cliff that juts out into the sea with a hole in the middle.

The bluish-green waters below add to the beautiful scenery. "Well, this has just been a success,"

This beach is under a circular cliff on the island of Nusa Penida.

You can go around the cliff. It is quite large and the cliffs are quite high.

You can't go down to this beach, the only way is to rent a boat and the boat will take you through a hole on one side of the beach.

This place is like an ocean separated from the open sea.

Sea water enters through the cliffs and is trapped between the coral cliffs which then forms a giant natural pool with a cliff height of about 50-200 meters.

Above the cliff that forms a hole also looks like a natural bridge, a very unique and exotic view that you can only meet at Broken Beach.

Broken Beach is indeed very exotic and much admired by tourists both local and foreign tourists. Relaxing on the beach with calm waves or the challenge of conquering big waves, you can easily get at Broken Beach.

In addition to having a truly amazing natural charm to enjoy, the cool air by the breeze that blows will make you feel at home on this beach.

Feel comfortable, calm and very shady. If you're lucky

you can also spot manta rays and sea turtles like the ones at Turtle Park, swimming happily around Broken Beach.

And have a great day.


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