Blue Lagoon Padang Bay

Blue Lagoon Beach Padang Bai is a beautiful beach as one of the diving & snorkeling destinations in Bali.

This tourist attraction in Padang Bai Bali, is now starting to be visited by many foreign and domestic tourists.

In this place, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of Padang Bai which is calm, a blend of hilly nature with panoramic views of the sea, as well as directly watching the daily activities of residents.

Sand grains on this beach are bigger like pepper. white sand with clear, calm sea water.

This beach is also famous for its beautiful and dazzling underwater scenery with its natural coral reefs, soft corals and many dominated by colorful ornamental fish and the presence of blue lagoons amid beautiful beaches so this beach is often also called the Blue Lagoon.

Almost every day many foreign tourists sunbathe on the Blue Lagoon Beach while enjoying young coconut ice sold by the indigenous people of Padangbai Village.

Some tourists staying at the hotel can also take diving courses provided by one of the local diving companies.

Another unique building is the existence of a temple to the east of Blue Lagoon Beach called  Silayukti Temple.

The temple is one of the largest temples on the island of Bali that is worshiped by almost all Hindus in Bali.


Blue Lagoon, Beautiful Beach at Padang Bai